• Mark Tepper

    Mark Tepper
    President & CEO

  • Dr. Jenny Freeman

    Dr. Jenny Freeman
    Co-Founder and CEO

  • Barbara Fox

    Barbara Fox
    CEO and Founder

  • Susan Mackay

    Susan Mackay

  • Chris Sauer

    Chris Sauer
    President & CEO

  • Steve Skillings

    Steve Skillings
    CEO & Founder

  • Joshua Davis

    Joshua Davis
    CEO & Keeper of the Red Spoon

  • Peter Antoinette, Co-Founder, Pres. & CEO

    Peter Antoinette, Co-Founder, Pres. & CEO
    with Karen Mills, SBA Administrator

  • Bettina Hein

    Bettina Hein
    CEO & Founder

  • Ben Polito

    Ben Polito

  • Ogden Morse

    Ogden Morse
    Founder & Chief Product Officer

Since our founding in 2003
we have invested over
$10.9 million

The Maine Angels help entrepreneurs by investing in and mentoring early stage companies.

We make sound investments in promising New England entrepreneurs with an emphasis on Maine businesses.


Pre - Post Revenue

Pre-Revenue  43%

Post-Revenue 57%

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Total $ Invested Per Company

Up to $100K     39%

$100K - $199K  21%

$200K - $399K  21%

Over $400K       18%

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By Geography

Maine                41%

New England   52%

Other                  7%

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